Reichenbach Wirkstoffe is a responsible family-owned business deeply committed to business ethics and sustainability. In our statement of social responsibility and human rights, Reichenbach Wirkstoffe has outlined clear expectations directed towards our employees and suppliers across the entire supply chain. We expect our partners in the supply chain to share our values and principles as articulated in our code of conduct.

We provide an avenue for our employees, business partners, suppliers, service providers, customers, neighbors, and other affected individuals to report potential human rights violations or environmental risks stemming from the business activities of Reichenbach Wirkstoffe or a direct supplier.

Such reports can be submitted to us.

It is particularly helpful if the report is as specific as possible:

  1. Identification of the person(s) affected.
  2. Description of the incident and circumstances.
  3. Frequency of the incident, if known.
  4. Location where the incident occurred.