Reporting point for whistleblowers

Whistleblower Form

For Regular Browsers:
Click on the following link to securely and anonymously submit your information:

For TOR Browser:
If you already use the TOR browser, you can use the whistleblower form directly. Click on the following link to transfer your data as securely and anonymously as possible: m5wtoqiulgxgexvnv23dulspebihrgp3qbapd56bftl5wpj3xfz6s5yd.onion

Guide to Installing and Using the TOR Browser:

  1. Download TOR Browser: Visit the official TOR Project website ( and download the TOR browser for your operating system. Follow the instructions for installation.
  2. Launch TOR Browser: After successful installation, launch the TOR browser. The browser will be configured to route your traffic through the TOR network to protect your privacy.
  3. Access Whistleblower Form: Click on the corresponding link for the TOR browser (Onion Url). Fill out the form and submit your information securely and anonymously.

Thank you for your trust and efforts in contributing to the exposure of misconduct. We are committed to creating a secure environment for whistleblowers and promoting transparency. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to assist you.